Employees Reviews

I can learn lot of things in Sixthstar Technologies about work culture, being professional, work communication, work ethics and being able to balance my personal and professional life. The management at Sixth Star Technologies was very friendly and helpful, motivating us to do better and encouraging us to achieve our career goals. The working atmosphere in sixhtstar technologies is very enjoyable and there is no stress and work load. Still now there is no complaints about the sixthstar technologies. I and many customers gives many good reviews about the sixthstar technologies.

- Designing
- Flora Mary

There were no typical days at Sixth Star Technologies. Every day in Sixthstar Technologies was different, in a sense of what had to be done on that day. The main thing I learned in sixthstar Technologies was how to get along with people better. Sixthstar Technologies Management was so great. I got along great with my co-workers some of whom were outstanding at their craft. The hardest part in sixthstar technologies was I would say was when a co-worker doesn't carry their weight in an assignment. The most enjoyable part was the relax atmosphere at the job. The sixthstar technologies companies was very great and I could recommend and told good reviews to my friends to work in sixthstar technologies.

- Designing
- Suresh

Great benefits and flexibility in Sixthstar Technologies. Great Sixthstar Technologies management team that cares about the employees they hire. They are willing to help you succeed and manage your goals within the company. The Sixthstar Technologies allows growth through the many opportunities within the company. In Sixthstar Technologies there will be new challenges every day - and new expectations to fill (sometimes with no one having gone before you to show the way). It was exciting and challenging, stressful and frightening - but ultimately, I believe, worth it. Overall good experience and good reviews still my friends are working in sixthstar technologies. I could never told any complaints about sixthstar technologies and I could recommend to join in sixthstar technologies.

-Accounts Executive
-Abu Bhakkar

Great benefits and flexibility to working in sixthstar Technologies. Great management (Sixthstar Technologies) team that cares about the employees they hire. Sixthstar Technologies are willing to help you succeed and manage your goals within the company. I don't want to leave our contact is leaving in sixthstar technologies. Sixthstar Technologies management always gives good reviews and appreciate the employees when the work was successfully complete. Sixthstar Technologies working atmosphere is very great and there is nothing complaints in Sixthstar Technologies.

- Designing and Developer
- Mathialagan

At Sixthstar Technologies, I learned about computer hardware, taking computers apart and fixing them together again was part of my training. I learnt in Sixthstar Technologies to solve hardware related issues with the help of various tools. I also learnt in sixthstar Technologies how to pitch in for sales and close a sale. There was also an aspect of customer service and customer satisfaction which I learnt while at work and this helped me to understand customers efficiently and effectively.

Main thing I learn how we get good reviews by the customers about the companies and myself. It gave us an opportunity to mingle with colleagues and mentors at work. There were also fun activities at work to help us manage the stress and work load. The hardest part in sixthstar technologies of my job was to handle angry and dissatisfied customers and the most enjoyable was when I was able to resolve technical issues and leave customers satisfied and get good reviews gives by the customers.

- Tech Support
- Pandiyarajan

There was so much work in sixthstar Technologies companies and the working environment is very enjoyment. I have learnt a lot of things from the sixthstar technologies company in terms of leading the team and managing the gap between upper management and advisers. They gave me an opportunity to apply my theoretical learning to the practical day to day work.

Sixthstar technologies Management was supportive enough to make me better team lead. My co workers were cooperative at my difficult time. The hardest part of the job is to deal the young lot of advisers. The most enjoyable part was to train them in such a manner that the maximum outstanding advisers were from my team. Weekly meeting conducted and told reviews and complaints about the work task. There was so much fun activities doing because the stress was got less.

- Team Lead
- Nasheer

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