Linux FTP Server / Samba Server

vsftpd is a secure, extremely fast and stable FTP server for Linux. It allows external people to ftp into your webserver to download or upload files. The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used as one of the most common means of copying files between servers over the Internet. Most web based download sites use the built in FTP capabilities of web browsers and therefore most server oriented operating systems usually include an FTP server application as part of the software suite.

In SIS File service the Data Transfer is possible only after Foolproof Authentication.

Fileserver (samba)

Samba is an Open Source/Free Software suite that provides seamless file and print services to Microsoft Windows clients. Samba uses the TCP/IP protocol that is installed on the host server. When correctly configured, it allows that host to interact with a Microsoft Windows client or server as if it is a Windows file and print server.

Fileserver Features

We offer a fault-tolerant failover capability so that if your primary Internet connection fails, all traffic will be re-routed through a secondary connection. Internet access from your desktop systems, VPN capability between your offices, and Internet access to your servers can be failed over automatically. The failover will be transparent to your VPN sessions. Typically, the primary connection would be T1 and the secondary connection would be DSL or dialup. Some clients have two separate T1 connections for redundancy.

An additional fault-tolerant failover capability is available so that if a Firewall component fails, a switch to a backup system will happen automatically almost immediately. Even existing sessions will be preserved when this happens.

Virtual Private Network
  • Share one or more file systems
  • Assist clients with Network Neighborhood browsing
  • Authenticate clients logging
  • Provides a common area for data or user directories and data transition from a windows server to Unix or vice versa.
  • Share printers across both windows and Unix workstations
  • Scalable – no per-user license fees
  • Disk space quotas can be enforced
  • Each user automatically has a home directory
  • Remote administration (internet or dial-in)
  • The corporate' s data, which is vital, is at control of the administrator
  • Files can be accessed from any where in the world through Internet
Flexible storage options
  • SATA or SCSI drives
  • RAID for data redundancy
  • Logical volume manager to use multiple
  • Disks as a single partition
  • Custom back script included

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