Linux Server Security & Stability

The iptables program essentially implements a list of complex and powerful rules that will accept or deny network traffic to and/or from any source that you specify. We can build, install, and configure a highly effective Linux Firewall for a fraction of the cost of specialized hardware yet the Linux Firewall will be just as effective and reliable.

It is very customizable and can be programmed with a list of trusted systems to avoid locking them out while still alerting you if they are acting suspiciously and might be compromised. It determines in an unspoofable way what system has tried to attack your network so that the site's system administrator can be notified to get the system shut down or for use in legal actions. It is compatible with almost all other IDS, Firewall, and anti-virus systems.

Load Balancing

For clients with multiple Internet feeds, we can automatically balance traffic between the two feeds for maximum performance.

Redundant Fault-tolerant Failover Capability

We offer a fault-tolerant failover capability so that if your primary Internet connection fails, all traffic will be re-routed through a secondary connection. Internet access from your desktop systems, VPN capability between your offices, and Internet access to your servers can be failed over automatically. The failover will be transparent to your VPN sessions. Typically, the primary connection would be T1 and the secondary connection would be DSL or dialup. Some clients have two separate T1 connections for redundancy.

An additional fault-tolerant failover capability is available so that if a Firewall component fails, a switch to a backup system will happen automatically almost immediately. Even existing sessions will be preserved when this happens.

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability can be added to your organization's Linux Firewalls in its different offices as well as for telecommuters and travelers running Windows, Macs, Linux or UNIX. This allows secure communication between your offices, enjoying the low cost of communicating over the Internet with the security of encrypted communication. Our VPN capability is invisible to your people and they do not need to do anything special to enjoy it nor can they defeat it.

Security Services Email Server

SIS security service is a built in package.

  • Anti Virus / Anti Spam for the Email Scanning
  • Personnel Firewall
  • DNAT, SNAT and NAT features in firewall
  • Enable specific ports through firewall
  • Effective firewall with ANTIVIRUS and ANTISPAM
  • Customize the firewall according to specific needs

Features are endless, we request you to Contact Us today for more details.